Passion Over Money

There used to be a time when we all wanted to be superheroes, rock stars, or astronauts. Yes, obviously some of those aspirations were completely unrealistic and silly, but at the same time there was something admirable about having that ambitious mindset. Take some time to think about this: Why did we want to grow up to be a superhero? Most likely because it would be fun...or simply it made us happy. Clearly we didn't think this deeply about the issue as a toddler, but it's exactly what our mind was subconsciously thinking. Our young and innocent minds were not worried about how much money we would have stored away in the bank, or how many halves of a bathroom we would have in our two-story house. Perhaps the word “passion” has become overused, but I believe that passion should still have the first-place spot in our mind over income when searching for a career.

As a junior in high school, I've started to take more notice and devote more attention to the subject of college lately. When making conversation with anyone my age, it seems like the questions “Where are you going to college?” or “What are you going to go to college for?” are brought up nearly every time. For some of my peers (maybe even the majority), this question brings nothing but anxiety and stress. It really shouldn't be this way, though. College, if an individual decides to go to it, should be looked forward to. Why? Because I believe that college is the time for someone to truly find his or her passion…and not only to find it, but to harness it and expand it. Instead of this excitement, I am starting to see so many of my peers only worry about what their salary will look like 10 years from now.


Ponder these questions for a bit:

What do you truly love to do?
If you love to do it, then it makes you happy. Being happy is good! Do what you love to make you happy.

Can I turn that into my career?
If you can, strongly consider turning your life to this direction.
Remember, after high school or college, you will probably work for nearly the rest of your life. Why not make it something you love to do? You will be spending more time in your life working than you will spend having recreation. Make your job something you look forward to every morning. You can literally make money doing something you love, and then be able to spend that money on other things you love. Is there anything better than that?

Will I be able to make enough money to survive doing what I love?
If you can, consider doing it. Seriously.

Will having a lot of money make me happy, as I slave away every day for hours doing something I potentially hate?
Maybe. For some people, literally having money makes them happy. For the majority of us, we only get money in order to buy things that make us happy. As I stated before, if you can make money doing something you love, you won't even need all that extra money to buy other things.

Of course, this article is not going to apply to everyone. Everyone has a mind that works completely differently than anyone else, with different gifts and talents. But please, consider what I've said.
Keep an open mind.
Don't feel forced to go to college; not everyone needs to.
Do what you love.

Be happy.

- Jonah