A bad habit to fall into is the routine of sugar-coating serious subjects. Masking a problem into something smaller is no way to deal with issues. Rather, a realistic and honest approach is not only the best way to deal with these troubles, but also the fastest way. It’s best to analyze the issues you deal with in an effective way, with the goal of solving your problems rather than avoiding them. In my other article, Exacerbate, I have written about this in a similar way.

The greatest truth is honesty, and the greatest falsehood is dishonesty.
— Abu Bakr

Sugarcoating your problems will only further complicate them. The definition of the word ‘sugarcoat’ means to  make something superficially attractive or acceptable. That just proves how ineffective it would be to sugarcoat something that is already bad. Don’t try to justify something that needs to be addressed in a very honest and serious matter. Try to cut this sugarcoating out of your life completely, whether you are doing it to others, or even to yourself. In place, be honest in everything you do. You’ll start to notice that the more honest you become, the higher morale you adapt. This is because if you try to be honest about everything, you are going to avoid doing the things that you wouldn’t want others to find out about.


Be honest.

Don’t sugarcoat.

Be happy.


- Jonah