When we were kids, imagination was natural. Reflecting back on my childhood, nearly every game I played was fueled with the imagination of myself and those around me. Imagination allowed us to cast magic spells on each other, fly to outer space, or be a professional athlete. It allowed us to break free of the boundaries we were confined to at that tender age. Of course it was all in our head, but it made us happy. It helped us escape from a society and world that won’t always let you be who you want to be.

Don’t stop imagining, the day that you do is the day that you die.
— Seventeen, Youth Lagoon

But then we grew up. Our minds matured, and we ourselves condemned the use of imagination. It became irrational and pointless. Once you let your imagination die, you lose an aspect of your personality that is all too important. Imagination is the tinder to all dreams, and dreams are a special type of motivation that is so dearly personal to each and every person. Let your imagination roam any direction it gravitates towards, and let it release the tensions and anxieties that “real life” so heavily burdens you with. Simplify your life a little and imagine a happier you.

Don’t stop imagining.

Don’t confine yourself.

Don’t let others confine you.

Be happy.

- Jonah