Pride has always been a controversial word. Often given a negative connotation, pride is closely linked to the idea of cockiness. Just like nearly everything else in life, pride is good in moderation. Having too much pride will turn you off to the general public; no one likes a person who is too full of themselves. However, some pride is still necessary to a solid lifestyle. Looking at the word ‘pride’ in a thesaurus will give the following synonyms: dignity, honor, and self-respect (among others.) To live a life without dignity and honor would be unfulfilling and weak. Having honor is a well respected trait, both desired by many and praised by many. On the other side of the spectrum, bordering more personal matters, having self-respect is essential.

Show class, have pride, and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself.
— Paul Bryant

The drive and desire for success, in any way imaginable, is fueled by this self-respect. Confidence in one’s self is mandatory to achieve any goals you make, because without confidence their is no positive energy to charge yourself with. It’s okay to be proud of yourself at times. Overcoming adversity and bypassing obstacles is always something that we as humans should be proud of. Be prideful in a way that you know you were better than you were yesterday, but don’t let this self-esteem allow yourself to place yourself over anyone but yourself. Learn with every step, and be proud of it, but keep this pride internal and constantly build off of it, viewing your past achievements as nothing but motivation to improve even more.


Be proud.

Don't be conceited.

Have self-respect.

Be happy.


- Jonah