We’ve all been through an awkward stage in our life. I’ve always tried my best to avoid any awkward situations, dreading them more than just about anything. However, I’ve noticed a repeating pattern lately when it comes to awkward situations. Usually after they are through, I feel a certain type of satisfaction and growth come from it. An awkward situation is something that causes difficulty. Avoiding awkward situations, in a way, is just avoiding a hardship that you know that you can expand from. Rather than always avoiding these situations, try to pursue them. If you think that talking to random people is awkward, the only way to get over that mindset is to go and talk to random people.

Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.
— Brian Tracy

Of course it’s unnatural to actually want to be in awkward situations, but sometimes we should seek them out. Take a risk every once in a while and see how it can benefit you. Living life awkwardly will never allow you to expand your horizons. Avoiding situations because of how they may be will do nothing but hold you back from living a life full of adventure. Everyday, try to do something you are scared of doing. Live life sporadically to have a life full of excitement.

Embrace the awkward.

Live life.

Be happy.

- Jonah