Having privilege is something that I often take for granted. Perhaps I have taken it for granted because I rarely have had to face the difficulties of any sorts of oppression that other people may face. Because of this, I’ve been able to live my life at a very comfortable level, and not have to worry or stress excessively about a lack of rights. However, just because I am not directly affected, that does not mean that others are not suffering from a lack of privilege. All around the world, various amounts of people are naturally born into a disadvantage simply because of their location, gender, skin color, or religion. Even looking at the people and areas surrounding me, I can see how privilege can play a role. Some people are born into easier lives, and others have had to face difficulties from the moment they were born.

Taking things for granted is a terrible disease. We should all be checking ourselves regularly for signs of it.
— Kate Tempest

We as people, as humans, should always try our best to treat each other fairly and honestly. Never place yourself above another person simply because of factors that they may not have control over. Rather, strive for everyone to have the same type of rights, and eliminate the disadvantages that groups of people may face. 


Love each other. 

Treat each other equally.

Be happy.


- Jonah