There is no “tomorrow".

Because “tomorrow" will always become “tomorrow” once again. Once we stop making today into “tomorrow" is when we really start living. In the grand scheme of existence, there is a thin line between our beginning and our end. But how can we live without death in our sights? How can we have life, in all it’s extremes and urgencies, without knowing that our bodies will one day part the sensations of this earth? There are no extremes without an opposite. To understand life we must understand the inevitability of death. To strive for good we must oppose the tendencies of evil. Learn to embrace the fleeting state of this life, as both a motivator and as a current; a current that pulls you along with every other ebb and flow of life. Love each moment for what it is, because every moment is unique in all it’s senses. Find hope, with perseverance and suffering, in the hard times. Find joy, with bliss and thankfulness in the good times. And always, regardless of the situation, find comfort in the presence and being of others, because others are those who make us. Don’t avoid death, simply confront life.

Maybe we’ll wake up tomorrow when our lives are done
And see that we left something beautiful behind us once
— There's More to Life, Dylan Owen