Sometimes, especially after confrontations of difficulty, we choose to cut ourselves off and face troubles alone. Often times when we are lonely, we choose to stay in solitude rather than enjoy the presence of friends. In life, we occasionally become disconnected from those around us. Although I’ve only enjoyed 17 years on this life, I can say with confidence that the company of others is extremely important in multiple aspects. Every person you will meet will bring something new to the table. Try to befriend every person you anticipate can bring something positive to your life, and try to spread that positivity around in return.

I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let’s face it, friends make life a lot more fun.
— Charles R. Swindoll

Stay connected to the things and people that help you, and eliminate the presence of anything that brings harm. In my blog post, Language, I’ve written about a similar idea. Communication and constant company can lead to relationships that improve your life in so many ways. It is hard to enjoy the unavoidable mundane occurrences in life when you are alone, but with the company of even one good friend, the most boring of moments can be transformed into something memorable and great. Seek the friendship of other great people, and always be willing to give as much as you receive. 


Stay connected.

Be a friend.

Be happy.


- Jonah


The whole idea and central theme of this blog post is going to be awfully similar to that of an older article of mine, Aggressive. Basically, the idea is this: life, depending on your perspective, is extremely short. There is no time to live passively, so spend every waking hour of your life working towards something that is important to you. Don’t fall into the common trap of, “Tomorrow I will,” because tomorrow, you probably won’t. Start working today. Even if it is just a small step towards something great. There is no harm in chipping away at a goal that you know will take a lot of effort spread over a long amount of time. I can’t even count how many times I say to myself, “I wish I would have started earlier.” 

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.
— Zig Ziglar

Live with a purpose, and don’t let common obstacles get in the way of the life you think is optimal to yourself. Success is not defined by the amount of money you earn, or the number of followers you obtain. Success is completely subjective to each and every person. Learn enough about yourself that you can tailor every action you take to bring a benefit to both your immediate and distant future.


Don’t live passively.

Always have goals in mind.

Be happy.


- Jonah


A bad habit to fall into is the routine of sugar-coating serious subjects. Masking a problem into something smaller is no way to deal with issues. Rather, a realistic and honest approach is not only the best way to deal with these troubles, but also the fastest way. It’s best to analyze the issues you deal with in an effective way, with the goal of solving your problems rather than avoiding them. In my other article, Exacerbate, I have written about this in a similar way.

The greatest truth is honesty, and the greatest falsehood is dishonesty.
— Abu Bakr

Sugarcoating your problems will only further complicate them. The definition of the word ‘sugarcoat’ means to  make something superficially attractive or acceptable. That just proves how ineffective it would be to sugarcoat something that is already bad. Don’t try to justify something that needs to be addressed in a very honest and serious matter. Try to cut this sugarcoating out of your life completely, whether you are doing it to others, or even to yourself. In place, be honest in everything you do. You’ll start to notice that the more honest you become, the higher morale you adapt. This is because if you try to be honest about everything, you are going to avoid doing the things that you wouldn’t want others to find out about.


Be honest.

Don’t sugarcoat.

Be happy.


- Jonah


I have always been a very goal-oriented person, and I strongly believe that always having goals in mind is the easiest way towards success. A goal is a goal, no matter the size. Each day I always establish at least one specific aim in mind. This goal of mine can be as simple as e-mailing a certain person, or as big as finishing a project I have been working on for quite some time. Regardless, having a clear incentive is an effective method for constantly achieving. Try to live life more vividly. None of us really know what we are doing. We all are living in a bit of a haze, unsure of what our future holds for us. While we cannot change the unpredictable, we can take control of our own lives in certain ways.

Learn from the past, set vivid, detailed goals for the future, and live in the only moment of time over which you have any control: now.
— Denis Waitley

So, make goals, work hard for them, be proud of what you accomplish, and let that drive you further. I’ve always compared life to driving on a foggy night. If you choose to keep your headlights on and your eyes on the road, the path in front of you is clear. The distance is still unknown, because of the conditions, but as long as you keep driving forward, the ground in front of you will always be visible. Keep driving, and don’t look back.


Live vividly.

Keep your focus.

Be happy.


- Jonah


In all things, trust yourself. Build trust with others (as I have talked about in my other post, Loyalty,) but always be able to build trust from within. Trust equates to confidence. If there is a lack of confidence in any sort of a relationship, it is doomed to fail. In the same way, a shortage of trust and confidence in one’s self leads to a break down of ambition and mentality. Life can be extremely difficult and demanding at times, and often times we are forced to face some of these problems alone. If we don’t have self-confidence to pull ourselves through, we will be beaten to the ground and unable to pull ourselves back up. 

Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.
— Golda Meir

Build up a trust in yourself, a trust that is reliable and impenetrable even by life’s sharpest arrows. Carry yourself with the certainty that you will always bounce back and improve everyday. Even through all of your anxieties and biggest fears, search for the light inside of yourself, and let it illuminate how you live. Trust that through it all, you will be there for yourself. Even when you are weak, reflect on your moments of strength, and channel your best once again. Never let yourself down.


Trust yourself.

Be confident.

Be happy.


- Jonah